Documents required:

International passport.

CV tailored to job role they want.

Payment is minimum of 80% deposit.

Care salary- minimum of €28k per annum.

Cleaning – €22k per annum.

PoF is only required where the employer doesn’t cover maintenance (about €2k needs to be shown) must have been kept in the account for 28days

The languages spoken in Germany is German and English. The job doesn’t require you to show German or English abilities, but it may be necessary to learn as you get on the job as it helps your get more opportunities

BSc is a compulsory requirement for the job applicant.

Job applicant tenders the PoF where required.

The visa is between 3-5years depending on the contract of the employer, if it’s 3 years, it is renewable for free.

The job applicant can apply for residency after they have stayed for 5 years on the work permit.
There is a 800k per dependent to cover visa fees and processing where necessary. There is no cap on number of dependants.

Amount: N14M